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My name is Sally Andrew and I trained as a Junior Primary teacher in the UK. Since 2000 I have been working privately as a tutor for students with Dyslexia.


In 2005 I commenced (and completed!) a 2 year course through Dyslexia Action UK which has broadened my knowledge of working with students with a learning difficulty.


I am currently working with over 35 students.


I have a passion to see people set free from the burden of illiteracy, and am keen to support parents who are unable to access specialist tuition for their child.



  • Teachers Certificate of Education

  • Postgraduate Diploma of Dyslexia

  • SPELD SA member



Joy: This programme has been exactly what Bethany has needed. It deals with her specific disability. You will see results and your child will develop confidence. Bethany is now reading and enjoys doing the programme because she knows that it helps her.


Chris: This programme is structured and incremental and accumulative. My son needs the repetition, and level of detail to enable him to learn. Without it, he would be falling behind his peers more every year.


Belinda: The phonetical work this programme offers was exactly what my daughter needed. Thanks- excellent.


Sandra: Jack now has strategies that he can put into place which has helped him enormously with his school work. Homework and spelling preparation are no longer a frustrating task and his improvement in all areas of literacy has given him confidence to tackle tasks he never would have before. This programme has made such a difference and I highly recommend it.


Natasha: Sam was really struggling at school and losing confidence and self esteem. Sally’s systematic approach has helped him to understand what reading and writing is really all about, and he is making excellent progress.

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