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By Your Side Tutoring addresses the core difficulties that students with Dyslexia typically exhibit: poor phonological awareness, weakened memory, and sequencing problems.


By Your Side Tutoring provides step by step instruction on how to teach a student with Dyslexia. This includes explicit teaching of the sound/symbol relationship, methods of word attack, spelling strategies and rudiments of grammar.


Overview of course content (4 terms)


Parents who complete all 4 terms in 1 year will receive instruction on how to teach in a structured, multi sensory way.


The following list is an overview of the content being taught;

  • Sequencing skills with the alphabet

  • Phonological awareness skills: rhyme, alliteration, segmentation, deletion

  • Explicit teaching of the sound/symbol relationship
    for letters A-Z and diagraphs sh th ck

  • Consonant blends

  • Open and closed syllables

  • 4 syllable division patterns

  • Separation of words into parts: prefix, base word
    and suffix

  • Grammar: noun, verb, adjective, proper noun

  • Punctuation

  • High Frequency words

  • Spelling rules

  • Linked cursive script

  • Strategies for remembering

  • Organizational skills

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