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1. What does the One Day workshop entail?

By Your Side Tutoring One Day workshop for Parents includes a demonstration of each lesson. Creation of Basic learning tools is undertaken. Explanations of accompanying worksheets.


2. What is required at home?

Parents should spend 1 hour each week teaching a lesson to the student. Follow up activities with the student should not exceed 10 minutes a day. Completing all 4 terms (1 year) is strongly recommended.


3. Who is the course suitable for?

Students from 7 years and through to adult who have been diagnosed as having Dyslexia.


4. What skills does the parent need to have?

Patience and the ability to follow instructions.


5. Will my child be at the same level as other children after 1 year tutoring?

Students with Dyslexia usually need ongoing support. A student can have mild or severe difficulties and this will influence how quickly a student progresses. By Your Side Tutoring is not a 'quick fix' program, rather it aims to provide the parent with the necessary skills to teach a child with Dyslexia.


6. What kind of support can I expect to receive?

As well as the lesson explanation, all materials are provided. By Your Side Tutoring can be contacted via email, or phone as required.


7. Does By Your Side Tutoring hold workshops outside Adelaide or within Schools?

Yes, this certainly can be arranged, please contact By Your Side Tutoring via email. Please note: There will be additional fees for this service, eg Travel costs etc.



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